Regaining Control Of Your Health & Performance Through Mobility, Stability, & Nutrition

The Health By Ratio program was created for active individuals & athletes experiencing chronic pains and injuries, and looking to regain full ranges of stable motion throughout their fundamental movement patterns. We bridge the gap between the completion of general rehabilitation processes like physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and other treatments, to full functional health and fitness capabilities.

Fundamental Assessments

We breakdown the body into 12+ fundamental patterns to see exactly where the imbalances occur to create a personalized program to realign and rehabilitate the body.

Reconditioning the Body

Based off your 12+ assessments we create a stretch, self-myofascial release (foam rolling and trigger point), and dynamic exercise program to recondition the body’s movement patterns.

Mindset & Nutrition

Finally, we compliment the reconditioning program with an anti-inflammatory nutrition program and mindset work to help the body rehabilitate from ALL angles.