Regaining Functional Control of Our Bodies
Through Mobility, Stability & Nutrition

The Athletic Health By Ratio program was created for competitive athletes experiencing recurring injuries, chronic pains, and movement imbalances while looking to regain & maximize their power, endurance, strength, and balance.

We bridge the gap between the general rehabilitation processes like physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and others to full athletic health and fitness capabilities with feeling mobile, balanced, and stable by improving:

  1. Full Body Range of Motion
  2. Fundamental Movement Patterns
  3. Nutrition
  4. Mindset Development

All with the purpose of increasing innate athleticism, while minimizing wear & tear, imbalances, and wasted force production from poor mechanics.

Athletic Health By Ratio Outline
Our Plan for Your Body

I. Phase 1– Emphasis in releasing knotted up tissues and stretching overactive musculature, with an incorporation of dynamic activations.

II. Phase 2– Balance in dynamic activations and exercises, with an ongoing work in flexibility and pliability.

III. Phase 3– Emphasis in dynamic activations and exercises, with continued incorporation of flexibility and pliability.

IV. Nutrition Calls– Anti-inflammatory nutritional habits incorporated to create an impactful difference in daily nutrition to rebuild the gut, reduce chronic inflammation, and improve overall health.

A. i.e. Rebalancing vegetable and healthy fat intake, versus starches and sugary foods.

V. Daily Movement & Postural Habits – New fundamental focuses are incorporated throughout the day to promote ongoing development in the Central Nervous System and compliment the techniques we are using to improve with your program.

A. i.e. Activated standing, reconditioning walking/running gait, proper braced seated positions, proper squats, lunges, and hip hinging.

VI. Daily Mindset Development– To inspire ongoing execution of your new daily habits in moving your body toward functional health, that translates perfectly to sports performance.

A. i.e. Affirmations, visualization techniques, meditation, prayer, etc.

Our Promise to You
How the Full AHBR Program Is Delivered

In-depth Video Conferences to Implement & Teach Your Program

• 60-90min appointments designed to teach the athlete about their body, how it moves, and how we are going to correct it.

o We repeat this process throughout the program to make sure as the body adjusts, so does your program.

1-on-1 Nutritional Calls

• 20-30min phone calls reviewing nutritional habits and working with the client to implement one nutritional adjustment at a time.

Weekly Group Q&A Workshops

• Group workshops for more accountability and support.

• Weekly mindset development techniques and resources.

Members Only Website Access- For LIFE

• 50+ Video modules on all posture and movement analyses and reconditioning techniques

• Modules on nutritional lessons and guidance.

• Modules on mindset for continuous personal growth.

Access to Madison and His Team

• Video, text, and email options with a 24 hour guaranteed response time.

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