1. How to Functionally Workout- Training Your Core- Pt3

    The Keys for Exercising Pt 3 How to Functionally Train the Core HBR Vlog Ep 8 (video here)   The “core” is soooo important. We always being are told "engage your core," "tighten your core," "focus on your core," and so “core exercises” have become one of the biggest keywords used in and…Read More

  2. How to Functionally Workout- Lower Body- Pt 2

    The Keys for Exercising Pt 2 All About the Lower Body HBR Vlog Ep 7 (video here)   This week’s topic is all about lower body exercises, so we look good in those skinny genes!... and more importantly so that we stay balanced, become more athletic, and functionally sound… But still yay for a …Read More

  3. Knee Injury Recovery & Prevention Pt 3- It’s All in the Hips!

    Knee Injury Recovery & Prevention Pt 3 It's All in the Hips! Dealing with ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar and other Knee Related Injuries HBR Vlog Ep 4 (video below) Warning: DO NOT BE LIKE KEVIN DURANT! When I say “Don’t be like KD” that isn’t to say: Don’t be one of the best current pla…Read More

  4. Knee Injury Recovery & Prevention Pt 2- The Ankles and Feet

    Knee Injury Recovery - Ankles and Feet Dealing with ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar, and Other Knee Related Injuries HBR Vlog Ep 3 (video below) At Health By Ratio, we know that the knees can face a lot off issues and pain. Our function movement training can help you strengthen your knees and the rest …Read More

  5. Knee Injury Recovery Pt1- Why Do They Occur?

    Knee Injury Recovery - Understanding the WHY Dealing with ACL, MCL, LCL, Meniscus, and Patellar Related Injuries Health By Ratio Vlog- Ep 2 (video below) At Health By Ratio, we offer functional movement training that can help you with your pain and heal from your injury. Knee injuries are all too co…Read More

  6. What is Functional Physical Therapy?

    Functional Physical Therapy vs General PT? Health by Ratio Vlog- Ep 1 (video below) At Health By Ratio, we can help you rid your body of pain, recover from an injury, prevent future injuries, and live a healthier life. As a functional movement coach, Madison Doubroff can help you with any and all of…Read More

  7. Ways to Improve Flexibility

    Flexibility is an important quality to have and practice, especially as you age. Flexibility is the ability for your joint and body parts to perform their full range of motion. There are several tasks throughout the day that require flexibility to complete with ease, from putting your socks on to wa…Read More

  8. Foods That Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation occurs from anything that stresses the body. This can be exercise to an injury, food that challenges our body's digestive system, or something foreign, such as chemicals, plant pollen, or invading microbes. Essentially the body recognizes the stressor and activates the immune system. Oc…Read More