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5 Shifts To Rehab & Prevent Sports Injuries While Maximizing Athleticism

... in 15 - 20 minutes a day!

What This Masterclass Covers:

  • How to holistically correct your OWN imbalances to fully Rehabilitate from Injuries & Optimize Athleticism... Even if you've had an injury & pain for YEARS!
  • How to SELF-ANALYZE SPECIFIC movement patterns to determine if mobility & stability limitations are linked to the injuries & setbacks you’ve been managing.
  • How the top 5% heal their body through Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Programs, so they get out of the cycle of doctor, medication, rest, therapist, chiropractor, rinse and repeat…
  • How in 2 months a competitive high school Golfer released his thoracic spine, repaired his shoulder, & shot a season avg of 71 (79 year prior)… to get offered multiple scholarships.
  • How a Pro Tennis player on the verge of retirement, rehabbed from rotator cuff, hip, achilles & tennis elbow injuries, had her best ranked season EVER... and did it in less than 3 months!
  • And EXACTLY how we’ve helped over 2,000 competitive HS/Collegiate/Pro Athletes, Weekend Warriors, & Active Adults take control of their health & performance.