We hear the term “Shoulder Impingements” thrown around quite often… but what does it really mean? 

“Shoulder impingement syndrome is an umbrella term that describes the painful pinching of soft tissue between the shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint (glenohumeral joint) and acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). It results from swelling of the soft tissue in the shoulder.”

In layman’s terms: Our shoulders get restricted in certain positions (often rolled forward, &/or shrugged upward- aka “Upper-Cross Syndrome”) where then moving our shoulders becomes limited and they deviate from how they should be grooving.

These movement restrictions and deviations then cause more frictions in and around all the connective tissues that surround the shoulder girdle, ultimately causing traumas that break down the tissues and cause inflammation.

Then, these postures often coincide with injuries and pains to the Neck, Thoracic-Spine, Elbows, and more.

So often, the root cause of shoulder impingements is overuse or bad posture postures that:

  1. Tighten our shoulder internal rotators.
  2. Tighten our pectorales (chest).
  3. Tighten down the chain toward our actual abdominal wall and rib cage.

Movements and postures that tighten these areas:

  1. Rolled forward shoulders when sitting.
  2. Holding stresses into the base of the neck causing excessive shrugging.
  3. Overuse from exercises like- Push-ups, Shoulder Presses, Shoulder Raises, Bench Press, Burpees, etc.
  4. Overuse from sports like- Volleyball, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, etc.

So how do we FIX this?

To fix the shoulder permanently the entire body needs to hold itself in good postural positions. So we need to not only focus on the shoulders themselves, but also the focus on our big back muscles, core, and glutes to stabilize our torso from top to bottom. That way we keep our hips in nice level, core active and finally great shoulder positions to groove the shoulders back to where they need to be.

For more information on shoulder impingements, mobility techniques, and exercise suggestions check out our video below:

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