Holiday Tip #4: Enjoy Yourself, Guilt-Free!


It is now time for our 4th and final tip for the Holiday Season!!!

​We have covered the top supplements to help control our blood sugar levels around all of the various goodies and treats for this time of year. (For full blog post click here)

​We gave some quick, healthy and delicious holiday desserts, that I hope you had a chance to try. (For full blog post click here)

​You also learned about what a TRUE vegetable is and why having a few servings a day can prevent so many of the negative health consequences we normally experience during the holiday season. (For full blog post click here)

​So now to sum it all up is our 4th tip all about our mindset during and after the Holidays-

Enjoy the Holidays Guilt-Free!

The holidays can throw many of us off track and out of our routine. We are eating all sorts of different foods, traveling, staying up later and not exercising as much.

It’s completely understandable. With family and friends around we might not get our own time to do the things we normally have time for. Which can throw MANY of us out of whack!!

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So… we want to remind you:

Don’t stress about it!!! Beating yourself up after Christmas, or feeling guilty about your choices come January 2nd, only leads to further spinning & spiraling further down the rabbit hole.

​Needless to say this is counter-productive :)!

​So as we head into the New Year CELEBRATE!!! Enjoy the holidays for what they are: time to have treats, unwind, recharge, and spend time with family and friends

​And know that you can hop back into your workouts, make healthier nutrition choices, and recommit to your various healthy routines right after the New Year.

​BUT the big key for you to build a solid foundation for success with your fitness and health goals in 2020, is to first give yourself permission to enjoy this time of year… GUILT-FREE!

​Then once it is over, acknowledging that it was enjoyable, and probably much needed… BUT now it’s time to to recondition and reset your body in a different way

​(If you’d like us to email you a FREE Travel Snack/Grocery Guide to get some ideas for healthy snacks that travel well, click below)

Now, it’s time with a fresh new mindset, to make your body the healthiest it has been in months, years, or even decades.


​Also, as always, we love to help with some bonus tips so you don’t slide too far in the wrong direction… Don’t force yourself to follow these out of guilt, only do them if they motivate you!

  1. Water first thing in the morning is a must!! 8oz of water and add some lemon to help with digestion and detox.
  2. Wait to eat breakfast until you are hungry! With the parties and fun nights you might not be hungry right way. Listen to your body, and see if it naturally wants some intermittent fasting.
  3. Move around a bit– get a walk in, some stretching or maybe a quick workout. Just try to get some good blood flow, and produce some endorphins from moving.
  4. Reset– try a 10 minute meditation, write in a gratitude journal, get outside in nature and just take some deep breaths. All these things can do wonders for your mind, body and stress levels.

Happy Holidays from the HBR Team, enjoy!​
Movement, Nutrition, and Mindset are the BEST Medicines.