Are you flat footed? Do you have troubles with plantar fasciitis, perineal, posterior tib, or other ankle related aggravations? 

I can relate… I always had flat feet growing up (so did my dad so I thought: “It’s just genetic.”), and so dealt with PF, calf pulls, medial knee injuries, and more.

Well, did you know that these conditions OFTEN coincide with pronating our ankles when we stand, walk, &/or run? Pronating our ankles causes us to repetitively flatten out our arches and greatly impact our ankle joint and stabilizing tissues…

And pronation often stems from dysfunctions not just from below the knee, but also from the glute and core muscle complexes specifically due to lack of Glute Medius, Oblique, and deep core stabilizing muscles.

This dysfunction at the ankles can lead to everything from Plantar Fasciitis, to Talus bone pain, to Achilles injuries, even Knee, IT Band, and Hip related pains. 

You can check this easily by recording a selfie video like this:

  1. Put your phone vertically on the ground leaning up against a water bottle or something similar.
  2. Hit record
  3. Walk away from, then turn around and walk toward the camera, barefoot.
  4. Then, observe how your foot strikes the ground and you probably notice that you tend to land more toward the outside edge of the heel, then roll toward the inside of the foot (flattening out the arch), and finally step with a slight lateral turn-out of your foot while driving off your middle to outside toes (4th/5th metatarsals). 

Now, if this is the case: there are a lot of things we can do to correct this pronation, and redevelop the arch, and rebuild this foot complex and structure… YES, I did say you can REGAIN arches in your feet… even with “flat feet!”

I can speak from personal experience, because after working to correct the imbalances and weaknesses impacting my tendencies to pronate my ankles, I now have arches in my feet, and stopped the recurring pains/injuries to my lower body!

We’ve also seen this time and time again with our clients that have flat feet, lack of dorsi-flexion, and ankle stability challenges, with them being able to correct and heal their feet and ankles by reconditioning their kinetic chain…  versus just getting another new pair of shoes, or set of orthotics. 

Like our client Orly L–an ultra-marathon runner who was dealing with chronic IT Band/Hip pain for over a year, now running pain free and training for her next race!

Or Nell P–a runner with chronic perennial tendinosis, who had to take 6 months completely off running. Yet, after fixing her pronation, through primarily glute & core corrections, she is now not only feeling healthy… but running mileage splits at over a minute faster than before due to how efficiently her body is now moving!

To find out more about pronating ankles, and the techniques you can do to correct them- Check out the video below:

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