The Best Supplements to Help Control Blood Sugar​

Many of us are in the full swing of the Holidays, and you can’t walk into any store right now without seeing candy, amazing mouth-watering chocolate and beautiful Holiday baked goods!

​And not to mention our coffee shops with those Holiday Limited edition drinks…. Oh the temptation is everywhere!!

​The challenge with all these goodies is that they chronically raise our blood sugar levels, and increase our insulin production (the storage hormone… aka body fat).

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Not to mention that increases in blood sugar result in- brain fog, bloating and inflammation, extra food cravings, and do this for long enough we become insulin resistant which is a main precursor for some of the most serious diseases and illnesses we know (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and much more)…

​Oh yeah, and we can’t forget the increases in blood sugar is what adds all that unwanted body fat.

​So especially around this time of year, where it’s so hard to muster up the WILLPOWER to just avoid all the sweets, what do you do when you’ve over indulged in sugary treats?

​Well there are some good targeted supplements that can certainly help! It’s of course, best to always test and see for yourself, but here are our top recommendations:

​​Berberine is one of the best natural supplements available. It comes from several different plants and has been used for years in chinese Medicine. How can it help you ask? -Berberine can significantly reduce blood sugar levels. Which we all need help with this time of year. Best to take after or with each meal. Activated Charcoal is an outstanding supplement to help with detoxification. It also can help with upset stomachs or if you have caught a stomach bug. Also, due to it’s toxin absorbing properties it is also a great supplement to prevent & help with hangovers. -Best to take it on an empty stomach away from other foods, supplements or medications as it absorbs all. Chromium Picolinate has been shown to help with insulin levels (the hormone produced when your blood sugar rises), helping control your blood sugar and improve your body’s response to insulin. Picolinate is a type of chromium that is easier for our bodies to absorb. -Best to take before meals throughout the day. Cinnamon and Cinnamon Extracts have been shown to help with reducing blood sugar levels and improve insulin responses by 6-15% depending on the individual. -Best to take between 250mg-500mg 2x’s a day before meals. A quick note– There are many brands of the above mentioned supplements out there… Since the supplement industry isn’t regulated very well we recommend choosing high quality brands, that use 3rd party testing to verify their ingredients. Top rated brands on Amazon, and often your local health food stores, are great places to go!

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Happy Holidays from the HBR Team, enjoy!​
Movement, Nutrition, and Mindset are the BEST Medicines.