Do you still feel tight no matter how much you stretch? Or do you feel like stretching helps for a couple hours and then you revert back to being stiff as a board?

Well then, there is a VERY good chance that you may have some FASCIAL restrictions (aka scar tissue, aka gunk!) .

You know that ‘knotted-up’ tissue that “hurts so good” when you get a deep tissue massage? It’s called fascia.

It is the connective tissue that runs in huge strands throughout the entire body, and is the second densest tissue in your body next to bone.

So fascia can get knotted up, gunked up and restricted for really two reasons:

  1. ’Scar-tissue’- This is when you get a catastrophic injury that tears up tissue. The body’s response is to then grow back fascial tissue first, to create our own internal cast to protect ourselves from further injury… but after we rehab from that injury, that scar tissue can still linger.
  2. Poor hydration aka poor blood flow- This is due to spending a lot of time in a certain postural position where the body gets poor blood flow or poor circulation and the tissue doesn’t get hydrated.

So these tight fascially restricted areas, because of how dense and stubborn they are, need manual physical pressure to actually break apart, release, and re-hydrate. These are where those “hurts-so-good” massages come into play.

Now in an ideal world, everyday we want our bodies to get the benefits of having deep tissue manipulation, but fiscally getting a daily massage or PT manual treatment isn’t always feasible…

BUT did you know with some cheap trigger point balls and with the foam roller that’s collecting cobwebs in the corner, you can do that manual tissue work yourself???

Yep! You can use those simple tools to explore areas of the body to see if you have some “fascial gunk” to deal with. How do you know if they do though? Easy! 

No soft tissue in your body should hurt or give you discomfort with normal pressure on it- meaning you should be able to lay on a foam roller or ball on any soft tissue in your body without pain… Shocking right?!… so if you find pain/tension, hang out there and massage out that area until it relaxes. 

Also another trick that we use at HBR for mobilizing tissues around the limbs, is heavy compression tools like “Voodoo Bands.” With these bands we can wrap around the arm or leg in various positions to create heavy compressions on certain tissues (achilles, calves, hamstrings, quads, groin, shoulders, elbows, etc). Then, we move and stretch that area of the body where the compression causes the whole muscle to contract and bust through the fascial restrictions.

Those foam rollers, trigger point balls, and compression techniques, combined with stretching, will solve that problem of feeling like a tight stack of bricks all the time!

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