Golf Improvements

Nathan started working with our program going into his senior year of HS, and 3rd year on varsity. Up until this point his best season avg had been in the hi 70’s, and to pursue his collegiate goals of playing he needed to get down to the low 70’s. “My coached and I felt like the biggest area for improvement was increasing my power and distance. I had a great short game, but after years of playing for hours a day I was stiff, had golfer’s elbow & a shoulder impingement, and missed the range of motion to really load into my shots off the tee, while staying in control. Yet, after a few months of working on my fundamental ranges of motion, and balancing out my body, my injuries healed and my power went through the roof!” Nathan finished his final season shooting 71, completely healthy, and fielded a half dozen scholarship offers.

Nathan S - High School Golfer