Football & Speed

We started working with Brandon (BT for short) when he was attending a community college as a 3rd string Free Safety. “I had a lot of potentials, had some interest in 4 years, but I had hurt myself both my senior year in HS and my freshman year at community college. I had lost a step in my speed, and due to that had fallen down to 3rd string on the depth chart going into my final season with a chance at getting a scholarship. I started working with Madison, and his program in April before the season, to balance out my hips and shoulders while improving my running form to get back my speed while staying healthy. It was way different than what I had done in the past with traditional athletic coaches and our weight lifting program, but it worked! I cut my 40-yard dash down from a 4.8 to a 4.52, ended up regaining my starting position that season, and a full ride scholarship to Marshall. Go Herd!”

Brandon T.