Volleyball Scholarship

We worked with Claire & her passion for indoor Volleyball starting in HS, to help her get recruited for playing in college (Princeton). We started working together because, “I wasn’t powerful or quick enough to track down certain shots, or explode over the net the way I knew I should’ve been able to.”And due to an injury to her knee, “I also had extreme knee pain in and around my patella, I was lined up for surgery with doctors thinking it was a meniscus tear, but once they got in they didn’t see any major trauma.” So we put Claire through our series of posture & movement analyses to find a series of mobility & stability issues with her ankles and hips. “After we addressed my imbalances, I felt so much more stable in my knee, but also was able to jump several inches higher, and my coaches saw my reaction times get much quicker, due to every part of me being in alignment.”

Claire L - Princeton University Volleyball