1. Volleyball Scholarship

    We worked with Claire & her passion for indoor Volleyball starting in HS, to help her get recruited for playing in college (Princeton). We started working together because, “I wasn’t powerful or quick enough to track down certain shots, or explode over the net the way I knew I should’ve been able to.”And due to an injury to her knee, “I also had extreme knee pain in and around my patella, I was lined up for surgery with doctors thinking it was a meniscus tear, but once they got in they didn’t see any major trauma.” So we put Claire through our series of posture & movement analyses to find a series of mobility & stability issues with her ankles and hips. “After we addressed my imbalances, I felt so much more stable in my knee, but also was able to jump several inches higher, and my coaches saw my reaction times get much quicker, due to every part of me being in alignment.”

    Claire L - Princeton University Volleyball
  2. Tennis Pro

    “I played competitive tennis from when I was 7 until I was 23, and played as a pro in the WTA for 5years. I started working with Madison and the HBR program at 21, after having a series of injuries to my Achilles, TFL, Shoulder & Elbow. My ranking dropped to an all-time low above 800 (previously was between 500-600) and I was nearly ready to quit. Then Madison explained the need to rebalance & realign my fundamental movement patterns and how that would help my body operate more efficiently and stay healthy. This was something I intuitively had known but never had a coach to direct me how to do it, so I gave it my all! 3 months later I felt stronger and more powerful than ever and finished my season that year ranked in the mid 300’s… Not exactly Serena, but it was a personal best for me, I stayed healthy and I loved every second of it! Plus, I was able to extend my career by an extra 3 years.”

    Casey R.
  3. Football & Speed

    We started working with Brandon (BT for short) when he was attending a community college as a 3rd string Free Safety. “I had a lot of potentials, had some interest in 4 years, but I had hurt myself both my senior year in HS and my freshman year at community college. I had lost a step in my speed, and due to that had fallen down to 3rd string on the depth chart going into my final season with a chance at getting a scholarship. I started working with Madison, and his program in April before the season, to balance out my hips and shoulders while improving my running form to get back my speed while staying healthy. It was way different than what I had done in the past with traditional athletic coaches and our weight lifting program, but it worked! I cut my 40-yard dash down from a 4.8 to a 4.52, ended up regaining my starting position that season, and a full ride scholarship to Marshall. Go Herd!”

    Brandon T.
  4. Golf Improvements

    Nathan started working with our program going into his senior year of HS, and 3rd year on varsity. Up until this point his best season avg had been in the hi 70’s, and to pursue his collegiate goals of playing he needed to get down to the low 70’s. “My coached and I felt like the biggest area for improvement was increasing my power and distance. I had a great short game, but after years of playing for hours a day I was stiff, had golfer’s elbow & a shoulder impingement, and missed the range of motion to really load into my shots off the tee, while staying in control. Yet, after a few months of working on my fundamental ranges of motion, and balancing out my body, my injuries healed and my power went through the roof!” Nathan finished his final season shooting 71, completely healthy, and fielded a half dozen scholarship offers.

    Nathan S - High School Golfer
  5. Functionally Living Healthy

    Finding the time and motivation to be active, exercise, stretch, or even move was always a struggle for me until I found Health By Ratio & Madison. I work full-time, I’m a mother, and a wife and the thought of anything physical always seemed like just another thing to add to my plate. Plus, with hours at the desk comes chronic aches and pains, and that made the couch look ever more inviting. Still, my goal was to move better, lean out and get functionally stronger to keep up with my 6 year old. So with a little help & guidance I’ve been able to maintain my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Now, I genuinely want to exercise regularly, and even crave it at times! Thanks to him (and myself for taking the steps to get there), I am stronger, move better, and in the best shape I have ever been in, and I’m in my 40’s!

    Natalie Gunner - Los Angeles, CA
  6. Tennis, Skiing, Biking

    Being an active mother of two I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, bike riding, etc and working with Madison and the Health By Ratio Program on my overall mobility and stability has not only translated to being pain free with my shoulder, elbow and thoracic spine but also my overall performance has improved drastically in the things I love to do! I have faster reaction times and quicker feet on the court, major improvements in my core and overall strength, as well as feeling much better conditioned due to my body functioning so much more efficiently.

    Charlyn Naillor
  7. Dual Sciatica

    For my business I travel and sit a LOT and it has certainly taken tolls on my body. More specifically the biggest tolls have been the 40lbs I’ve put on in the last 5 years (largely around my gut), and what became even more serious was the chronic pains in my back from Sciatica (both right and left side) for the past 2 years. Luckily I found Madison’s Health By Ratio Program, and literally in 2 weeks my sciatica went away… after 2 years of straight agony… it was gone in 2 weeks! Six months later, I am down 20lbs, move better than I have in 20 years, and am happy to report still no signs of sciatic pain.

    Robert Mueller
  8. Car Accident Recovery “Miracle”

    I was in a horrible car accident 17 years ago where the whiplash caused ligaments in my neck to detach. I was told years later, that one or two ligaments did not reattach and the other ligaments had to do extra work to hold my head up. I lived with chronic neck and back pain for almost 15 years. Sitting at a desk and working-out everyday aggravated it, and so I was getting almost weekly massages and chiropractic work to ease the pain. Through working with Madison & the HBR program, with the reconditioning of my posture, range of motion, and mobility I’m now able to live a pain-free life. I’m not sorry to say I don’t see my therapists anymore. Madison is extremely knowledgeable about mobility, inflammation management, nutrition, strength training, and accountability measures. He’s a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to decrease pain and inflammation, lose weight, and live a healthier life.

    Nancy Soni