Functional Physical Therapy vs General PT?

Health by Ratio Vlog- Ep 1 (video below)

At Health By Ratio, we can help you rid your body of pain, recover from an injury, prevent future injuries, and live a healthier life. As a functional movement coach, Madison Doubroff can help you with any and all of your movement issues. One of the first steps is to give you the knowledge you need to improve the movement and functionality of your body. For many who have suffered from pain, physical therapy is the first thing they try.

We all have been to physical therapy before, right? If you’re anything like me, it has been multiple times!

So, what have we come to expect?

Most of us have had the general experience: meet with the PT to get your range of motion tested, do a few basic exercises around the area you’re trying to rehab for 10 to 20 minutes, get some stim and ice, and go home with some homework of a couple of basic exercises. Then after a few weeks, we’ve rehabbed a bit, have some better range of motion, and now are considered “cleared.” YAY!

But the question is… Cleared to do what?

Are we able to run, jump, throw, and quickly change directions again? Or are we simply cleared to walk around again, or lift our arms up above our shoulders?

Much of the time, our athletes and active patients and clients feel like they are quite far away from being able to functionally exercise and participate in their sports the way they were used to prior to their injury.

So, are we truly rehabilitated completely, and functionally healthy? Often, the answer is, “No.”

Yet, there is a rising movement in the physical therapy world that is stepping away from the old methods of isolating rehab programs to simply the injured area, and instead is looking at the entire body’s movement patterns to see where connected imbalances might be.

These functional physical therapists spend their time correcting their patients’ entire body, so that not only is the patient rehabbing the specifically damaged tissue in the injury, but is simultaneously fixing the imbalances that caused the injury and/or were caused by the injury. This is what enables athletes to truly get back to the fitness levels they desire and participating in the sports and activities they love!

So, for this week’s HBR Vlog we interviewed one of our very own functional physical therapists, Dr. Noolee Kim to truly understand what are the differences, and why this rising method of PT is moving us better and better. As well as, how this form of treatment is perfect for the growing “telemedicine” industry, where we can connect with our doctors remotely with various technologies in our own homes.

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If you have been suffering from pain and have tried everything to recover and regain mobility with no success, Health By Ratio could help! We offer functional movement training to help you regain mobility, improve functionality, and feel healthy again. Contact us to learn more!