Knee Injury Recovery & Prevention Pt 3

It’s All in the Hips!

Dealing with ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar and other Knee Related Injuries

HBR Vlog Ep 4 (video below)


When I say “Don’t be like KD” that isn’t to say: Don’t be one of the best current players in the NBA, or arguably one of the best scorers all time, or be a world champion, or be 7 feet tall…

What I mean is, don’t allow your knees to take as much of a pounding as they do from a simple, yet brutal, postural deviation… Knee Valgus (aka knees buckling in).

Now with complete honesty, when I was playing H.S & collegiate sports I had this issue as well. 

And it resulted in a MCL/Meniscus tear… very similar to what KD experienced just a couple seasons ago…

In fact it’s incredibly common! (continued below)

If you recall from our previous Vlog posts on knee injuries one of our clients, Princeton VB player Clare had to overcome this deviation before her senior year of H.S. to ultimately get recruited. Or our other client Robert and his 60 year old knees finally giving way while skiing. Or how about those pictures of NFL QB- RGIII’s knees on his combine drill???

Yeah, it happens to the best of us!

Last week’s video episode we took a look at how our knee issues are often impacted from lack of mobility and proper stability in the ankles and feet.

Well, this week we are going to take a look at an area that is just as important: The Hips.

We are going to cover:

  1. 3 ways to self-analyze your hips to see if there are imbalances impacting your knees (or the rest of your body for that matter).
  2. Knot releasing techniques and stretches to increase your hip mobility.
  3. Hip Exercises to retrain your Central Nervous System to start holding your knees in alignment.


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