Knee Injury Recovery & Prevention Pt 4

What do you mean “Cleared?”

Dealing with ACL, MCL, Meniscus, Patellar and other Knee Related Injuries

HBR Vlog Ep 4 (video below)


After you last finished physical therapy what percentage would you feel like you were at, in comparison to before the injury?

100%? Probably not… 80%-90%? If you were REALLY lucky… 70% or worse? Unfortunately, I’d put my money on the last guess…

One of our clients is a Tennis Pro, who was cleared by her physio after knee surgery on her ACL…

And I think her conversation was one that many of us who have gone through major injuries, especially knee injuries, can relate to:

Client: “I’m cleared? Cleared for what? I don’t feel anywhere close to tennis shape right now.

PT: “Well, you are 3 months post-op, have successfully completed nearly 40 PT sessions, you have regained complete range of motion, have nearly normal walking gait, and can comfortably and effectively complete the step-up test. You have passed our rehab protocols for the ACL and are cleared.

Client: “I think your definition of cleared, and my definition of cleared, are two different things… Great, I have a ‘nearly normal walking gait’? How does that translate to running and cutting on the court again?

PT: “Well, you still need to rebuild your strength, and take your time getting to full competition again, but you are cleared to start that process.

Client: “… Great, who is supposed to supervise that process to make sure I don’t overdo it, and that I don’t have any setbacks?” (continued below)

Now maybe you haven’t had this exact conversation, but I’m guessing you may have felt this same way…

‘Wait, you’re telling me I’m cleared?! I’m a shell of my former self, and still feel at risk for injury… how is that considered healthy enough to be “cleared?”’

Sue Falsone, a world class physical therapist, and strength and conditioning coach who worked for organizations such as the Dodgers, said it best:

I soon realized that being able to do 10 step-ups, was a far cry from running and cutting on the field.” (I might have slightly messed up that quote, but you get the gist)

Her point was so often clinicians have certain criteria that are ingrained in their heads on what we need to accomplish to be considered “cleared,” but that doesn’t mean we are back to functional health in the ways we want/need to be.

So that is the purpose of this week’s Vlog episode. We are going to wrap up the knee rehabilitation & injury prevention process by:

  1. Retraining the body’s alignment through functional exercises.
  2. Strengthening the core and stability around the kneeby proprioceptive techniques.
  3. Strengthenthe glutes to not only support the knees, but fire more effectively increasing our power, strength, endurance, and quickness.


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