The Keys for Exercising Pt 2

All About the Lower Body

HBR Vlog Ep 7 (video here)


This week’s topic is all about lower body exercises, so we look good in those skinny genes!… and more importantly so that we stay balanced, become more athletic, and functionally sound… But still yay for a good booty!

But first, if you haven’t checked out the previous HBR Vlog episode 6 we recommend watching that episode first. We talked about the necessity to prioritize posterior muscles (muscles behind us) vs anterior muscles (muscles in-front of us) because:

1) We have way more behind muscle us (roughly ⅔ behind to only ⅓ in-front).

2) Our anterior muscles are getting tight and shortened during our daily postural habits and repetitive movement patterns.

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Now, onto the Lower Body:

When you go to the gym do you ever do the leg press? How about leg extensions, or seated hamstring curls, or calf raises, or adductor/abductor machines (you know the ones you sit down and squeeze your knees together or push them apart)?

THEN STOP, and never do any of those #$*@ing machines again… ok maybe that is an exaggeration… but seriously, refrain from those hideous excuses of exercise equipment as much as possible…

Wondering why? Well, they aren’t functional to any movement we do throughout our lives, and they almost always tighten us up, and pull us further out of balance…

Let’s take Brandon as an example of literally hundreds we could choose from: Brandon played college football as a safety for Marshall, but before he got recruited and a scholarship offer to boot, he was a 3rd string player on his local city college team…

The reason why Brandon was so low on the depth chart was for two reasons:

1) Brandon was a bit on the slower side for his position and had a hard time keeping up with faster players.

2) Brandon was even slower after coming off an ACL tear the previous year, while dealing with a finicky hamstring, lower back, and a couple other tweaks that had been plaguing him… 

So when we started working with him, he was not only slow and lumbering, he still wasn’t fully recovered from his ACL injury… and so on top of us analyzing his fundamental patterns, creating a mobility & stability program for reconditioning his body, and a sustainable nutrition plan… we took a look at his workout routine

Since he was trying to “Be careful with his knee, hamstring and back,” Brandon was leg pressing, doing leg extensions, and hamstring curls almost solely in the gym; along with some footwork and sprinting drills on the field. 

Well from our prognosis, one the main causes for his knee, back and hamstring injuries were due to over-dominant quads and hip flexors (very common in most athletes), in comparison to poor functioning glutes, core, and back musculature.

*By the way these muscle groups are incredibly important in speed and power, so if they are lacking, so will athleticism.

So the issue with his theory of taking it easy by protecting his injuries on these various machines, was that they were actually closing-off his hip flexors, strengthening his dominant quads, shutting downhis glutes, and disengaging his core and back stabilizers

All of the wrong things for him to balance out his body and improve his performance.

So we changed up his workout program to focus on his key muscle groups to rebalance his body, and sure enough he not only healed ALL of his injuries, he gained the starting job going into the season, and played so well he received his full-ride offer to Marshall!!!

So in this week’s Vlog we are going to take a look at:

  1. The perfect balance of exercises for the lower body.
  2. The specific technique & form for all of the exercises we should prioritize.
  3. What exercises we should do sparingly or avoid altogether.

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